The Chef

Michał Stopczyński oversees the restaurant. Planning the dishes, supervising the deliveries, quality and freshness of ingredients, training new cooks, creating work schedules and menus  – are all among his duties. He is the best organised person in the kitchen and the key to successful logistics. He is a leader, a talented cook, an artist and a mediator. He is why American House works like a Swiss watch, and why you can taste love and passion for cooking in every bite. Sensible, disciplined, well-balanced, irreplaceable perfectionist. His speciality is Polish cuisine with a pinch of modern ideas. Adverse to routine, always full of ideas, a true creator of flavours. With him, every ordinary dish turns into a speciality due to impressive presentation, spices and adequate frying temperature. He loves making use of fire, so don’t be surprised if you see a flame lurking from the kitchen. His quote: „The most important part is sauce reduction”.

Meet our outstanding Chef de Cuisine – Michał Stopczyński.

Senior cook

Joined us in February 2019 and immediately rolled up his sleeves. Incredibly hard-working, diligent and chatty. He enjoys talking during work, but dislikes bloviating. He thrives in large groups, where 20 different main courses have to be simultaneously served to over 100 guests (which we usually call “snuffbox”). Meet Robert Mątficki.

Serving staff

What makes a restaurant so good is not only the food, but also the service. The restaurant hall is a place of peace and quiet. Thanks to the combination of our staff’s charisma and experience it gains a truly unique atmosphere. Hospitality means respect, friendliness and attention for the guests. A professional waiter or waitress considers fulfilling their needs not only work, but first of all a calling. Our staff is also skilled in attending to parties, which are always thoroughly planned. Meet our staff manager Ania and Marta, Iwona and Kamila.