The Chef

American House Restaurant is a unique place in Warsaw’s Ursynów district, where rush and time pressure cease to matter. We combine the traditional flavors of Polish cuisine with American modernity, creating a place affordable for everyone. We are a family restaurant passed down from generation to generation. We cook for the local Ursynów community – for the neighbors.

The whole machine called American House Restaurant is supervised by its creator – Agnieszka Moroz. Her creativity, good taste, attention to every detail, and above all her smile, create this place one of a kind. Thanks to her passion and professionalism, family or corporate parties held at our place have been appreciated by our guests for years.

Front desk manager

Our good spirit! A person who cares about the pleasant atmosphere and well-being of guests. Always smiling. Famous for her numerous ideas, loves novelties. By day – reception and marketing manager. In her own words: She loves her work, which gives her energy and drives her to action. Meet – Ola.


She is a consummate logistician, leader, mediator. Thanks to her, the American House Restaurant runs like a Swiss watch. It is her responsibility to control and coordinate the operation of the kitchen and dining room. She does not like routine. She believes that working with people is her calling. Meet – Ania.

Serving staff

What makes a restaurant so good is not only the food, but also the service. The restaurant hall is a place of peace and quiet. Thanks to the combination of our staff’s charisma and experience it gains a truly unique atmosphere. Hospitality means respect, friendliness and attention for the guests. A professional waiter or waitress considers fulfilling their needs not only work, but first of all a calling. Our staff is also skilled in attending to parties, which are always thoroughly planned. Meet our staff manager Ania and Marta, Iwona and Kamila.